• 3D Measurement

    • Contact and non-contact measurement with portable measuring devices
    • Surface inspection
    • Statistical evaluation
    3D Measurement
  • Consultations

    • Effective, precise and fast measurement procedures and strategies
    • Execution of complicated measurements compared to CAD model
    • Execution of complicated measurements compared to drawing
  • Calibrations and Service

    • Calibrating measurement systems
    • Servicing measurement systems
    • Providing backup systems, when needed
  • 3D Digitization

    3D Digitizing and Reverse Engineering

    • Scanning - from the entire car bodies to small electro-technical parts
    • Scanning for identical part production (CATIA, STL formats)
    • Triangle mesh production and adjustments
    • CAD model production and updates
    • Virtual assembly
    • Statistical evaluation
  • Specialized Trainings

    Specialized Trainings

    • Specialized metrology softwares trainings
    • Specialized 3D measuring devices trainings