Measured Parameters

NMS ProfileProjector was developed in close cooperation with cable producers, and high emphasis was placed on strict compliance with standards of cable insulation quality control. With respect to these standards, NMS ProfileProjector provides users with the measurements of the following key parameters (among others): insulation thickness, outer and inner diameter, ovality, centricity, and area of the measured insulation sample.

NMS ProfileProjector measures cores, fillings and outer jackets of all types of factory-made cables (circular, sectional, 3-layer, flat, aerial cable and others). The system enables measuring of closed and open (cut) wire samples.

Quality Assurance

  • 10 years of innovation and optimization in close cooperation with insulated cable producers
  • Constantly evolving software following actual customer needs
  • Top performing cameras with high resolution
  • Maintenance-free LED illumination

Precision, Speed, Efficiency

  • High resolution cameras, top-quality optics, robust construction and maximum precision
  • Extremely high measurement speed: single measurement under 1s
  • Tailored number of cameras and measuring ranges
  • Fully automated, software controlled measurement–independent of operator and ambient conditions

Customer Benefits

  • Costs savings of up to 30%
  • Maximization of set-up speed of insulation spraying machine
  • Significant reduction of non-conforming products and complaints
  • Objective, precise and non-manipulable quality control