Key Parameters

  • Fully automated scanning solution by NMS
  • Inspection of 100% of production, directly in line
  • 200 measured features in 55 seconds
  • First ever absolute scanning directly in the car body production line in the world
  • Precision better than 120 µm
  • Automatic RPS positioning and measuring
  • Unique RPS construction
    • Fully meets requirement for RPS alignment
    • Metal cone with chain feedback
    • Calibrated corrective reflector holder for automated
      3D measurement
    • 2 RPS pivots for each vehicle model

Customer Benefits:

  • Immediate inspection of 100% of production
  • Detection of random and induced deviations
  • Welding line maintenance, optimizing and planning
  • Production history tracking


  • Random deviations were not detected
  • Generated deviations were detected later on, outside of the line, thus fixed later


  • Surface inspection
  • Hole position and diameter
  • Threaded hole position
  • Boundary edge inspection
  • Various dimensions and GD&T
  • Outputs:
    • Scanning data for history tracking
    • Pdf reports
    • Spc charts
    • Data file export

PolyWorks/Evaluation Procedure:

  • Opening of the right template
  • Import of each car side scanning data
  • Interface and connection of both scanned sides in 3D environment
  • Alignment of measured RPS point scanning data
  • Evaluation:
    • geometric elements (holes, slots, …)
    • surface points
    • functional dimensions
  • Export of all required results into the selected text format and storage to the external storage
  • Storage of PDF reports with images


NMS provides customized solutions:

  • Project management
  • Delivery, installation, programming, integration
  • Full support and maintenance
  • - Trainings and measurement preparation