Škoda Auto a.s., Czech Republic

Measurement of the entire carbody production on welding line in real time. Unique solution, developed by NMS, measures more than one hundred points on each carbody produced in production cycle with accuracy better than 0,2 mm.

Tower International, a.s., Slovak Republic

Scanning and reverse engineering of cutting / stampling and pressing machinery parts for production of tool duplicates.

Moravian Museum Brno, Czech Republic

Scanning of rare historic artifacts including The Venus of Vestonice. The aim was to capture as much details of the artifacts as possible by non contact measuring so the further research could be conducted.

Alstom Switzerland Ltd., Switzerland

Scanning of turbine blades. NMS checks 100% of production. Additionally, data were used as an input for simulations of dynamic analysis (bez a) of blades performance in a turbine wheel.